Greetings to Kız Kulesi, Beylerbeyi and Çamlıca…
Greetings to Salacak, to Doğancılar, to Kuzguncuk…

Greetings to the deep blue of the Bosporus, to the waterfront mansions, to emerald grooves, to manors, mosques and churches and synagogues standing side by side; to companionship, to brotherhood, to amenity…

Greetings to bay windows, Turkish baths, fountains, bazaars, squares; to rowboats, ferries and storks…

Greetings to Adile Naşit, Yahya Kemal, Necip Fazıl, to Şemsi Paşa, to Emin Ongan, to all the masters of the art…

Greetings to stringed drums, to the violinist, the frets of the qanoon, to the tunes of carousal, to fairy-tales,
to memories, hopes, dreams; to tomorrows…


The matchless fusion of history,
present and future…

Proudly preserving the glory of the past while reaching bravely for the future, Üsküdar, where traditional culture flourishes in the heart of history, offers singular nuances through its mosques, churches, palaces, bazaars, markets and natural beauties.

At the edge of the world’s sapphire strait Bosporus, where fiery colors of sunsets gleam off the windows of waterfront manors, with its glorious past and present, sun-kissed streets and joys yearned for, Üsküdar is a district like no other for its place in the history of İstanbul and its very heart…

A brilliantly warm district, alive at every moment with
the Bosporus sparkling blue at its edge…

Among the many features that makes İstanbul the most beautiful city in the world, undoubtedly comes the spell-binding allure of its Bosporus Strait, and the most beautiful coast of Bosporus is home to Üsküdar, the most distinctly exceptional district of the city. While embracing all the privileges of being a coastal district, Üsküdar lives in each of its neighborhoods with a unique taste, a unique identity.

Among the three of Üsküdar’s coastal neighborhoods, there is Kuzguncuk; where streets are lined with wooden houses with gleaming bay windows, where people of different cultures and faiths live harmoniously among its domed mosques, graceful churches and synagogues, Çengelköy; where many love stories and friendships bloomed under a century old plane tree and Salacak; where the lone maiden tower of Kız Kulesi watches the sunsets across the Marmara Sea.

From its fishermen to bakeries, grocery stores to street markets, Üsküdar preserves the olden artisan culture through its countless bazaars and safeguards the beloved colors, energy and joys of İstanbul.


Redefining traditional culture and modernism, Nevbahar Üsküdar comes to life as one of the most exclusive projects of İstanbul at the most valuable coast of the Bosporus.

Blending all the vibrant colors, energy and joy of İstanbul, Nevhabar Üsküdar blows a fresh wind across the city and illuminates a stunning new silhouette. From graceful designs to modern residences, Nevbahar Üsküdar prides in being among the most prestigious projects of İstanbul.

Nevbahar Üsküdar raises the value of Üsküdar with residences varying in size from 105 m2 to 803 m2, 2+1 to 5+2 Penthouses; 1900 m2 social facilities spread across 4 floors including a fitness club, sauna, Turkish bath, indoor pool, and a shopping mall of 30.000 m2.

Nevbahar Üsküdar offers a life of privilege to those yearning to experience the İstanbulite neighborhood culture, as it brings the musk of lush grooves and the refreshing breeze of the Bosporus right into your home.

The singular union of 21st century contemporary
lines with a traditional spirit…

Nevbahar Üsküdar has the quality of being a new-generation, environmentalist and iconic construction that blends in with the area’s historic texture. It draws an immaculate line between the old and the new, the traditional and the contemporary and redefines the transition through cultures and generations with its shaded façade designs, reflective of Bosporus’ famous waterfront manors, and its use of only natural materials.

Boundless creativity,
details for excellence…

Nevbahar Üsküdar offers a wide range of living spaces, each responding to different needs with its interior design solutions through the use of materials, colors and textures, superior architecture, and smart home technologies that bring a striking blend of contemporary comfort for living.


A breathing, free,
jade green life!

Meticulously designed and arranged with hundreds of different kinds of plants and inspired by the positive energy of nature itself, you will experience all wonders of a life rooted in earth and bathed by sunlight among the stunning landscapes of Nevbahar Üsküdar.

The New Entertainment
Sensation of the City!

Nevbahar Üsküdar commits to creating unforgettable memories full of enjoyment and leisure at a magnificent event area with festivals, concerts, interviews, special screenings and more planned for the entire year. Movie theatres equipped with the latest technology, cozy restaurants and cafes will be home to some of the most entertaining moments you will share with your loved ones.

Exclusive services of an
exclusive life…

Apart from first class house-keeping and reception services, Nevbahar Üsküdar features many social
facilities such as a spa center, sauna room, fitness center, and a year-around open indoor pool and
promises a privileged life to its residents with high expectations through its personalized services.


Cocooned in the heart of Nevbahar Üsküdar and home to more than 70 stores including leading fashion brands and distinctive styles from the designing world, Nevçarşı is ready to offer all its visitors a sophisticated shopping experience through its innovative vision and contemporary management concept.


  • Üsküdar Ferry Harbor 950 m
  • Üsküdar Square 650 m
  • Mihrimah Sultan Mosque 850 m
  • Marmaray Station 800 m
  • Metrobus 2000 m
  • Avrasya 1600 m
  • Kız Kulesi 950 m
  • Kadıköy 3000 m
  • Capitol 1500 m
  • Doğancılar Park 710 m
  • Harem 1200 m
  • Martyrs of July 15th Bridge 2500 m
  • Doğa College 650 m
  • O.U. American College1500 m
  • Ataşehir 5000 m
  • Ümraniye 5000 m


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